SWITCH can surpass current and match nextgen graphically*

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solidpumar said:

Now imagine you could have 32 ps4 pro playing on the same house trough the internet multiplayer. That would be 32x4K. OMG, 32ps4 pro master race.

You only need 32 ps4 pro, 32 4k tv, internet and a big house.

NS comes with it's own screen though. You should watch the reveal trailer, it's really good.

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Pyro as Bill said:
Ka-pi96 said:
People still calling PS4 and Xbox One next gen? It`s been 3 years already...

Not me. I'm showing how shared screen multiplayer will have the same graphics on a Scorpio/PSPro as the NS.

The 1/2 - 1/4 screen you get on Scorpio/PSpro is the same as a single/double NS.

I get what your saying, and you got a really good point actually

this could help high quality multiplayer without reducing performane, but would of course require every person to own one console

Why he is not getting banned for false statement??? And why is this thread still not deleted?

What the actual chicken.. Is this thread some new secret sauce type of thing that my brain is unable to register. So ur comparing two NS unit to one Ps4/x1. and four NS against Pro/Scropio. And in which world is Multiplayer over Local network similar to a split screens on a single console. Even If so, those Spilt screen graphical fidelity on PS4/X1 will be better than NS 1080p on a single screen. To sum up a single Ps4/X1 in split screen, theoretically will be able to push more pixel than a single NS @1080p. I hope its a joke thread

This kind of stuff works? I might buy a Ps4 pro, plug it into the hdmi in on the xbox one and both will COMBINE THE POWAH FOR ULTIMATE NATIVE 4K! It'll brute force the witcher 3 into 4k Max settings! I need to go fap now.

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wtf did i just read?



I ugh... don't get the point. Does this even make sense or does it even matter?

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Cobretti2 said:
wtf did i just read?

I nominate this for reply of the thread.

No way is NS gonna surpass ps5 and the next xb.