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come on: you REALLY were expecting to find them here.. :P

Sorry was extremely bored... didn't have anything to else to do..

So after all you have opened this thread so i won't return you disappointed... so i will give u my first alert :

Low: 685,000

Med: 705,000

High: 725,000


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Way to get people's attention. I reckon first week sales will be between your low and medium estimates.

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try 800,000

I think that it would be more like this:

Low - 750,000

Medium - 850,000

High - 950,000-1,000,000

Just judging on the popularity of the game, since it is on the PS Store also we will never know the true sales, unless Sony announce them! :D

I think that's too high....what were first week shipments?

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DragonLord said:
I think that's too high....what were first week shipments?

 Over 1 million retailer pre-orders.

Low 150k
High 250k

ioi could tell us something....after us he did tell us some preliminary SSBB numbers


You must be joking right? lol

I think it could easily get over 1 mil. due to the number of pre-orders.




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