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Pretty cool. Off topic: Angry Joe did a good job of selling me on PSVR today. Will still wait, since my budget is already stretched with lots of games on PS4, Vita, and a PS4 Pro to buy, and everything up here costing more and more. There are Vita games in the PS Store that are almost $70 in Canada now. Ow......OW!

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PSVR just blows my mind; i mainly just got it for the theatre mode, but then I tried the games and demos that came with it and its just beyond words how cool it is.
EVE especially

*ends shameless plug*

I still haven't found a use for the two lollipop things yet lol

I can see how this could have helped the guy in the OP due to it kinda forcing both eyes to work independently at last.
I'm guessing any kind of VR setup where each eye gets a separate enclosed image (even if the PSVR is one screen split) would work though?

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If this is true then that's incredibly heart warming.

I was already blown away with myself when I had laser eye surgery so I can only imagine how much more this person was feeling to see what he did.