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People at my school think that the DS and the wii are gay. One friend said that he got a PSP for christmas, while his brother got a DS, and once his younger brother saw the PSP's graphics, he dropped the DS. Everyone usually cites sports/racing/shooting games as the reason why the PSP is the best. Every time someone mentions the Wii, they say, "hey, is Mario Sucks a Dick any fun?" Has this happened to anyone else?  My cousin thinks the same exact way. Is it just me, or are people graphics whores. ?

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Flash news : People are idiots. If you like them nothing to worry about those people. I can safely assume the haven't even played the machines at all therefore losing every inch of reliability.

Its really messed up that people use the word "gay" as a synonym for "lame." Its not only messed up, but its really hateful.

I didn't know they were to be honest.
I have heard many complain over these products, mostly revolving around image that they feel is still "kiddy" (many even thought the N64 and GC were "kiddy"), but I've never heard anyone call these products gay before.
These kinds of attitudes (and this kind of linguistic use) will always be present somewhere but its easy to just ignore, frankly.

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Everyone in my town is an idiot to some degree.
-All PS3 owners in my town can't get their head of their asses and see that the other consoles (Especially the Wii) don't suck. As far as there concerned, Graphics are the most important part of a game.

-All 360 owners are divided, Half supporting the 360 and Wii, the other half preferring 360 and PS3. But for the most part, they seem a little bit more accepting of the Wii.

-The few wii owners in my town are either Casuals, Kids, or people who buy like one sucky game, and dismiss the Wii as a stupid play toy. There are only a few people who can settle for a wii as there only console (Me) and not have any regrets. Truth is in my town, if you say "I like the wii" you get an onslaught of "Wii Sux"




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That's a pretty dumb question.

Some people just don't like Nintendo. Much like plenty of Wii60 fanboys calling the PS3 gay. It's just fanboyism. Really not that complicated.



one word-


I had the same problem once with my PS3, bunch of people making fun of me for owning a PS3 when I went to get GH3. It was insane, I couldn't believe people actually existed like that outside of internet forums.

To your problem, it's just people who don't like what you happen to like and have an extremely poor vocabulary. Don't worry about it.