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I want one, I'm buying one.

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Lawlight said:
onionberry said:
the "doomed" guys are active

Are you saying this device will bring Nintendo back to the top?

No one says that, but to be fair you and some others are consistent in your negative statements towards certain companies/products/etc. So hey don't know why anyone would be surprised you don't like something, when it is somewhat predictable. 


Looked exactly what I expected from the Eurogamer leaks. The console could be pretty cool, but I have to admit I hate the name...

Augen said:
I'm not sure how to feel about the Switch right now. I like aspects of the concept being a hybrid, but the detachable controllers make me think back to Wii controllers and how much I disliked those so not sure about two player experience. Nice to see a "pro" controller featured, curious if that is included.

Obvious things I need to know are games (new Mario?) and price (less than $300?).

Rewatch the preview they show the Mario game for like a second so it hard to say what type of mario game it is, no the New series at least. Plus it looks like they have either 2k or EA since there was a basketball game, didn't look at the UI to find out who made it, and some claim to see Skyrim so it may be 2k.

Also the music choice was a lot better then the Wii U's dubstep.

Welp, since the actual reveal is now out of the way we can actually expect Nintendo to provide us with a more consisten flow of information about the console.

I won't lie I got excited as hell by it. Dammit, I haven't logged into VGChartz for more than a year but this made me do it. Although I don't think people, including myself, should get overexcited by it, I think it's also wrong to judge it as a "Wii U 2" or a failure just yet. We literally know nothing but the concept for the console, which looks incredible. If it's well executed (And doesn't have weird limitations like very low battery life or severly underpowered) the console has a chance to be great.

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Goodnightmoon said:

Wow, already depressing people in action and the usual suspects wishing for this to fail lol

The console looks great so far, this feel like a new concept and something that could fly high with tthe right games and the right marketing.

We still need info but is looking good.

Also, very surprising to see Bethesda on Nintendo lol

I bet soe 3rd party challenged them to see howmany bugs they can put in a game on a Nintendo console.



Captain_Yuri said:
Hiku said:

Didnt someone claim it was gonna be called 3D Swap or 3D Switch? Sounds like that info was pretty accurate.
And Eurogamer were right.
Anyway, I'm glad to see they have a REAL normal controller for once. Thank effing God.

And that Mario Kart footage, was that Mario Kart 8? I can't tell.
And it looks like there's a new 3D Mario in the vein of Mario 64.

Its MK8

Thank you.
That makes me very confident that Smash 4 will be getting a Switch port. Especially after seeing Splatoon.

Looks like all the "credible" rumors were true.

This means Nintendo can focus on more content while having the advantage of being a handheld console/home console. Nintendo...Market this thing with Mario 64 2, Dragon Quest XI, and some major 3rd party games and you'll be fine.

onionberry said:
Lawlight said:

Are you saying this device will bring Nintendo back to the top?

This is going to sell like the 3ds or more. 

I doubt it. Who is this being marketed at? The people who are moving from handhelds to mobile? Or the core gamers?

Of course they would give it a generic boring name this time around :(

Havent seen the video - will do so in a few min.


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