DS To Pass PS2 in Japan Within Two Weeks, Maybe This Week

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Either way, when it does, I'll put up an article about it.

Here is where things stand right now in millions sold in Japan:

PS2: 22.454 

DS: 22.395 


DS has been selling on average about 50,000/week lately, while PS2 has been selling about 10,000/week lately.  Last week though, with the new Pokemon game, DS sold over 60,000 units, while PS2 sold 10,000.  Sales tend to pick in Japan toward April, so it is possible  that DS could surpass PS2 next week.

Consider what that means:

A platform that launched in December 2004 has outsold the top selling console in Japan already.  Even though the PS2 launched in March of 2000 in Japan.  Granted, the two never really competed with one another directly, but:

In two weeks when DS is at 22.495 and PS2 is at 22.475 you have to look at the weekly rates:

PS2 will have taken almost exactly 8 years (~416 weeks) to hit 22,475,000

DS will have taken 3.25 years (~169 weeks) to hit 22,495,000.

In other words:

PS2 sold at ~54,000/week to reach 22.475 million

DS sold at ~133,000/week to reach 22.495 million


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Some impressive numbers, nice breakdown. It will most certainly pass PS2 next week.

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Awesome. DS is INSANE. I hope the Wii can manage that, too.

Oh, and do you have any sales predictions for the DS when DQ IX comes out? HW sales for the DS and first day and week for DQ IX? That seems like the DS's biggest game ever (esp. in Japan).

I knew that this day would come someday. I predict probably next week. and thanks for the breakdown.

The surely exceeded my expectations on the DS sales.

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three years ago i would have called you guys crazy if you told me that
haha GO DS!

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If the DS comes out with one more redesign, think MacBook Air style, I think it could break 30 million.

very nice job DS!

DS pass PS2 in japan in less than 4 years is pretty impressive, and the DS is still not done yet with all the games coming out this year