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Winston following you around in Tomb Raider...


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The Shinra Mansion as a child.

Drakengard's horrible baby ending as a teenager.

Several Super Mario Maker levels as an adult. Holy crap I can't believe people can make that game scary, but it seems a little human ingenuity can make anything terrifying.

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I've always thought Metroid's atmosphere fits very well in horror/terror. Being lost, alone in space where every alien can be an enemy is rather scary.

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Half Life 2's Ravenholm. Seriously, it made me uninstall the game for a while.

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The Flood in Halo were quite scary the first time I encountered them.

Depends on what kind of scared.. I was scared in Suikoden Tierkeris when I haven't been able to save after playing for one whole hour, and in Fire Emblem 7, when I got amazing level ups for all my characters and I get attacked by an assassin with high crit rates D:

But for scary/creepy moments.. OoT Bottom of Well and TWW Forsaken Fortress when I was small. SS Silent Realm too

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I don't think I need to remind everyone here about Giygas from Earthbound. Probably the most scariest final boss in a JRPG ever.

And basically, Zero/Zero-2, Marx Soul, Drawcia Soul and Magalor Soul from Kirby.

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The PS2 failure animation when it couldnt read the CD.My god, for some reason that freaked me out as a kid.I think it was the music it made.Chilly.

There are tons of creepy places in the Dark Souls series / Bloodborne. ^^