Vids freeze when I play them on my PC...help?

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Whenever I want to see a vid from YouTube or Gametrailers or anything once it plays it freezes. They always stop at 0:02 and if I skip to other parts of the vid it plays for like 2-3 second then it freezes again. Don't know why this is happening. Help?

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Thats funny, I sometimes have the same problem with Youtube... but only sometimes... no idea why...




I have the same problem. I just close the browser down and re-open it and its fine. Must be a glitch on youtube..

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It happens to me too sometimes, i just close the browser and try again, If it doesn't work i restart the computer...

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It's a Youtube problem.

Speaking of them, I'm not the only one that clicks "next page" or whatever on Youtube comments, and then gets a rehash of like half the comments that were on the last page, right?  The comment system is so broken it's beyond repair I guess?

And I've seen that problem for like TWO YEARS now. WTF Youtube, you suck.

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It also happens with Gametrailers.

restart your computer

-Try restarting your browser.
-Try clearing the caché of your browser. (Tools>Options>Advanced>Network>Clear now in Firefox)

Funny how everybody already knows what's the issue is without asking basic questions like, whats your browser?

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OK, will try.


I use Firefox.