Most addicting game you've played this year? .... it's 2016 btw.

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most addicting game you've played this year? .... it's 2016 btw.

Captain_Yuri said:
Overwatch for sure


Edit- Overwatch is the most addicting game that I've played that came out this year but if we're not including 2016 games it would be Halo 5.

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Gears of War 4. Horde mode owns my soul right now.


Holy shit this game is eating away at my spare time, and I keep playing it rather than finishing up my backlog of games... it's a curse!

Wright said:

Funnily enough, Final Fantasy X. Played it for the first time in my life during this year through the HD remaster for PS4, and I got hooked up with it. I've come to a point where I don't want to play anymore. Basically got all Celestial weapons and upgraded them, got all monsters on the Arena Monsters and some other bunch of sidequests like all Aeons for Yuna but I don't feel compelled enough to make the mother of all grinds to maximize the Sphere Grid and also tackle Penance.

You must tell me what you thought about it!


no, not Go

Pokemon Picross!

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It has to be releases in 2016?
If not, Bloodbourne and Tropico 5.
If yes, Capitalist Adventure or something, it was a Free Clicker from PS4.

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Definitely Overwatch. The amount of games on my backlog bc of this damn game.

Uno (PS4) love Uno, Uncharted 4 already on my 3rd playthrough and the MP really grew on me. Odin Sphere Lef...however the hell you spell that, its just damn near perfect game.

Transformers Devastation and Witcher 3 Blood and Wine

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