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I was really excited by it as soon as it was announced, and held of getting the GBA SP for one, and I have enjoyed it ever since. I loved Ridge Racer, and GTA LCS was just amazing

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I thought it looked good... but it phailed fast for me.

It is the only current gen console that I don't own or like. It has poor games that for the most part are just plain unoriginal (GTA: stories I'm looking at you) with patapon and locoroco being the exceptions that prove the rule.

@highwaystar, the PSP's library has got so much better, though GoW and GTA are original ports, they are brilliant, there is also WipEout, Pursuit Force, Syphon Filter and now Crisis Core, there are some great games for the system

I was amazed , and honestly I went mad and thaught all day about it . Finally a handheld with Playstation games , that rivals home-console quality ... just waht I wanted all of my life , and Sony finally made this happen :D It was ana easy first day purchase for me :D