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i love it...i use it everyday...
I thought its looked sick from the beginning... then a year later i boughts a ds, which i bought a bunch of games for and i absolutly hate.



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I thought what were they thinking, then they upped the ram from 8MB to 32MB and I thought, that makes a lot more sense 8MB of ram would have crippled the system


NOW A PUNISHER CAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought they were cool and would of bought one except I had a GBA and wanted to play those games without still keeping my GBA around.

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I didn't really have a reaction. I was just like 'meh'.

Was pretty indifferent to it from the start, I can see why people want it but its just not my thing.

i said forget the DS, lol

but i dont really use both the DS and psp anymore

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I see the PSP as the xbox of the handheld division of gaming, it is a way for Sony to get their foot in the door and then to expand! I wouldn't be surprised to see the next handheld race to be a lot closer in terms of hardware (much like the 360 is for MS)...

Then again Sony need to make sure the PSP2 is much much harder to hack/cheaper/better battery life/and of course, have a flood of software on it!

These are all lessons learnt from the 1st! :D

Damstr8 said:
i thought it looked pretty cool i was amazed at what it could do with the graphics then it came out....no games for it....yeah

That was untrue even at/around launch, and I *really* hope you don't mean now...

I bought Lumines and Twisted Metal: Head On right off the bat, as well as a couple of UMD movies, and my friends were like, How is this thing so awesome?

On of my friends then dropped it on the pavement...UMD ejected, battery popped out, the works.  Luckily I had a screen protector on at the time, because it ended up face down.  It still works fine, though.  Sony.   ;)

thought wow, amazed with graphics for such a small device. Little did I know that sony was making a huge mistake not adding the 2nd joystick


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not to sound fan boy ish but when i saw it/ herd of it i laughed and thaught haha sony in the portable market oooh dear

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