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uhhh....to live?

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d21lewis said:
I breathe because, even though the world we live in is sometimes a dark and evil place, I believe we are all here for a reason. Some of us may not fulfill that purpose, but even those who fall by the wayside serve as an inspiration to those who choose to carry on. To stop breathing is to give up. To give up, is a slap in the face to all of those who came before. For them, and for myself, I will continue to breathe. I will continue to live. And I breathe so I can stay alive and look at boobies. Big boobies.

Wouldn't want you to give up wanting to live!


 P.S. they are not mine.

Ummm because all living things need to breathe to stay alive.... O_o Unless you want to die.

I like the taste of oxygen.

Certainly this belongs in off-topic.

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I try not to ask that question.

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Ah yes, llewdebkram. I see that you too, appreciate the fine mounds of flesh that have nourished a child's hunger since the dawn of mankind. Without this embodiment of a woman's maternal nature, would life be as fulfilling? Just beholding those healthy mammories makes me wanna squeeze 'em. But I digress.

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