BUYING A DS! Can you guys recommend some good games?

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Imagine Babiez is da best :P

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Get Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin.. They are awesome

New Super Mario Bros.
Mario Kart DS
Kirby Canvas Curse (get this one)
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

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Super Mario Galaxy will pass Super Mario 64 in total sales CORRECT!

Every mario game you can find for the DS

Every pokemon game you can find for the DS

Every zelda game you can find for the DS

There your all set for a great gaming experience.


Soriku said:
Why do you guys offer shovel ware? "Imagine Babiez"? "My Sims"? "Catz"? WTF? You guys act as if 10 year olds can't play anything besides like that. I was playing epic RPGs and shooters before I was 10.

Get her something other than shovel ware then she'll know how to game. Don't get her something TOO hard, but at least try to give her a challenge and not buy "Imagine Babiez".

Wasn't planning on it. I was planning on getting Nintendogz and something that ends in DS (if you know what I mean).
But sadly some of those shovelware games she actually likes, I mean come on why do you think they sell so damn well.


My games are in my collection.

Fav Devs: Naughty Dog and Insomniac.
And yes I like KH.

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New Super Mario Bros.
Super Princess Peach
Mario Kart DS
Yoshi's Island DS

Some games that haven't been mentioned and that are really great are: Hotel Dusk : Room 215, and Contra 4, but i doubt they'll appeal to your little sister :P

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Brain Age, Nintendogs, Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros, Animal Crossing...

Mario 64

theres tons of games for a 10yr old on the DS, i doubt she would like stuff like DQ Joker though, its a bit heavy going.

Cooking mama is a favourite of my 13 yr old niece, she played the tamagotchi games forever too,