What do you call people that just play the same games?. like forever!.

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zero129 said:

Ok so i noticed with some of my friends no matter the system they have a core set of games that they only mostly always plays.

some of my PC friends are hooked on Dota and CSGo and WoW and nothing else matters.

some of my PS4and XB1 friends are stuck on GTA online, CoD and Fifa.

My WiiU friends are Mario Kart and Splatoon and Smash.

Now clearly this isnt all my friends but the ones who are. What would they be called? are they casual gamers? yet they spend more time playing them games then i would playing like 10 different games. Are they hardcore and im the casual gamer?. They can wipe my ass in any of them games (But not others ) .

Or is the another name for such a group of gamers?.

"People"? Some gamers like playing the same game over and over again while some casuals happen to find a video game they like playing. Why is this even an issue to begin with? 


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I'd call them "satisfied."

Hardcore fans who know what they like?

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arcaneguyver said:
On further thought, monogamer might be my label for them. Not a bad thing, but it seems like something worth clarifying.

I think monogamer is a better description for people who only use one device for gaming.

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I call them casual gamers. They're not really interested in the breath of games the industry has to offer & their consumption habits are very limited (casual consumers?).

I'm sure there's a better term but this is what I use. To clarify I think this actually represents a large portion of gamers and I don't see it as a bad thing, but its in stark contrast to audience that is avidly watching E3 for the next game they're going to get excited about, or the kind who picks up a title because its on sales or because they've heard good word of mouth, the kind who is frequently navigating reviews and gaming media to find their next purchase. New games and Ips often rely on this latter audience to gain some traction and footing.

In the mobile market there is a term called "Wales" but thats for people who spend a large amount of microtransactions on one game. I think the same can apply to many FTP games on PC or console. 

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I can relate. I played
Starcraft:Brood War from 1998-2002
Warcraft 3:Frozen Throne from 2002-2010

The competing was the essence for me, I did play other games at LANs or some casual games at console but for the absolute most part I played to win in those games.. at that point in my life getting really really good at a specific game was definitely more rewarding than beating a dozen or so games a year like I do now.

Lrdfancypants said:
Sounds like gamers enjoying their hobby.


Fans/actual core gamers.
Why would they be casual when they spend 1-x hours a day on a game?

Of course, they are all casual and boring, idiots, time wasters or having a low IQ because they are not like "you" which makes them worse by definition. ;)

Yeah most people I know who play games tend to just play 3 or 4 games. Buy the new FIFA and COD each year sorta thing.
What to call them? I dunno, people who're missing out?

I know what you're saying. I feel like whenever I look on kijiji to see what people are selling, everyone owns the same games (AC, COD, or annually released sports titles)