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Are you getting Color Splash?

Yes, definitely day 1 55 23.31%
Yes, later at some point 73 30.93%
No, but maybe when is cheaper 47 19.92%
No, Never 30 12.71%
I don't own a WiiU 31 13.14%



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82. Don't think it will get higher than 85, don't think it will be lower than 78


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Culipechi said:
IkePoR said:

It could score 98 and I'd still call it Sticker Star 2.

I don't see you refuting what I'm saying.  Nice selfie btw.

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I'm guessing mid 70s so 72-77

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77 at best, 70 at worst


JRPGfan said:
TheMagicMax said:
I'm going with 84. The whole "that's no real Paper Mario" controversy aside, everything i saw so far looks very high quality. Especially the writing and the graphics seem on point.

People have been playing it, those that preloaded it, there was some kinda bug that allowed them to play it early.

General consensus seems to be "it plays like a point&click adventure game", "combat seems like a afterthough, just plugged in".

Its still not a rpg game, but story seems slightly better than sticker star was.

Some have said they go from exteme like, to extreme dislike, in various parts of the game.

Just by that alone I dont think its the type of game that will score many 80+ reviews on metacritic.

It doesn't play like a point and click adventure at all, where did you got that from? That is a deeply stupid "consensus"