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Where you Like to Finish

Face 11 15.28%
Mouth 11 15.28%
Breasts 9 12.50%
Stomach 3 4.17%
Back 2 2.78%
Behind 3 4.17%
Inside 26 36.11%
Other 7 9.72%

I heard a story about this one guys who buys a warm ham & cheese sandwich to do his business. And then I hear of these female birthday office parties where stripper dude spills his stuff on the piece of cake for the birthday girl. Yeah.

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my hand


Proud to be a Californian.

thanks Dark :)

1.) Ass cheek
2.) Hair (very rare this will be allowed but it looks incredibly hot)
3.) Above groin and reaching the stomach/or breasts.

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Rainbow Road!

RIP Dad 25/11/51 - 13/12/13. You will be missed but never forgotten.

I have no particular preference. oh by the way, my first post in the nsfw section.

That little dip where the spine and the back tailbone meet. It's like a reservoir perfectly made for ejaculate.


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Nice guys finish last.

Ha! I wanna say, but not going to. I voted though. Secret ballot.

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