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Technically by brother owned the Atari 2600, but I had the Colecovision.


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I have a 2600, good old wood paneled bad ass that it is...I still play Asteroids or Space Invaders from time to time.

I owned a 2600 after finding it and some games in the attic of a house that we moved into when I was 6.  I found alot of stuff up there. people stuff their attics with junk thats to good to throw away and then just leave it there when they move.  I found my intellivison in the exact same manner in a different house a few years later(i was either 8 or 9).

I sadly no longer own either. 

I have a 2600. I play Phoenix and Centipede every now and then.

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Me and my brother had 2 or 3 Atari 2600's. Darn things kept breaking on us. Still, we had some awesome times on the 2600. Pitfall!, Pac-Man, River Raid....

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2600, 5200, Jaguar, Lynx. I owned four Atari systems.

i know i was given an Atari once when i was young... not sure which one but i wasn't given the cables so i couldn't play it, sad day, i was really looking forward to playing Pac-Man and Donkey Kong

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lol @ blaiyan


i had an Atari 7800

i see many people state they had an Atari 2600
but if you bought or got one after 1985 it was probably a 7800


I had a 2600, but oddly didn't have an NES. My first "modern" console was the SNES.

I remember loving Mario Bros. for the 2600 but being really frustrated it wasn't Super Mario Bros.

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