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My older brother owned a 2600 I think, but he neer really got into gaming until the SNES days.




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I never owned an Atari, but I did own a Collecovision with the Atari Adapter ...

2600 for me.

Not me, Super Nes was my 1st console.

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Nope, SNES was my first console.

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My first computer was an Atari 800XL complete with tape drive and a box full of games including Pole Position and chess. I learnt to program in basic on it.

Later I got a 2600, I have fond memories of playing space invaders for hours and hours until my feet were numb and how basketball blistered my hands on that dodgy joystick that I used a death grip on....great times ;)

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2600 with about 40 games. Sold it all to get a Nintendo (NES). My mom regrets that she made me sell all that to get my NES; she really liked the atarii.

I had one, even i tried to repair it a couple of years ago...but nothing happened

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Atari Jaguar? I own that and one game. Cybermorph.


Atari 2600. Had it connected to a 40ish inch TV a couple of years ago for a week or so when I visited my dad's house. Though technically it's not mine. It's his.