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I did

How about you?

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Yes, the old console. (Not their computers, grew up on TRS-80s but also used some Comodores back in the day...)

yes when i was a kid i owned one

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My uncle owned one, and then gave it to me, but I was too young... (3)

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That's so funny...I was just thinking about my old Atari...

Pitfall 2 was my first experience with epic gaming.

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i had the 2600

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Yes. My mom still has it.

Owned? Mine is still hooked up to a TV!

I still like to play it every now and then. 

I had one, with Jungle Hunt, food Fight, a basketball game, a baseball game, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong 2, pole position and maybe a couple others that I can't think of. good times.

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Yeah I had an atari 2600... damn good console... pitfall was the best...