Why there's no love for Yokai Watch?

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Have you played it?

I have played YW1 and I'm picking up YW2 13 15.12%
I have played YW1 but I'm skipping YW2 4 4.65%
I have played YW1, it's rubbish. 14 16.28%
I've never played it and I don't care 55 63.95%

That's what I feel about this game. It didn't catch on like it did in Japan.

I'm excited to play YW2, but none of my friends will pick it up.

How about you guys? Any Yokai Watch player here?

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I'm interested to pick up YW 2.

But probably not before the holiday season though :P

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It makes sense though.

Its like asking who is excited for these upcoming PsVita games when most of the user base are in Japan.

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I've seen it for sale, but i honestly have no idea what kind of game it even is.

I tried the demo. Was highly unimpressed.

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I tried the demo, and I found the gameplay too simplistic, even for a JRPG aimed to children.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Shin megami tensei has killed my interest in both yo-kai watch and Pokemon

Just looked weird, wasn't particularly interested.

While there's a lot of shared interests between the east and the west, there's also still a cultural divide. We won't always like the same things.

Needs to push the cartoon more over here. Merchandise sells decently though.

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spurgeonryan said:
Needs to push the cartoon more over here. Merchandise sells decently though.

They can't. In the US, it airs on Disney XD. A station that most people don't care to have.