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Cuteness overload!

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She's back.

Sill my favorite kpop chrismas season song.

This great STP cover.

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1:30 mark of this song sounds epic

I like 1:28 mark till the end of crystal mountain 

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I miss 2nd gen kpop girl groups bops man.

Chinese food for breakfast


Man, Babymetal's latest album is the stuff of legend. Seriously a top 20 album of all time for me, and I've heard a ton in my 20 or so years of being a serious fan of music. Metal Galaxy just is full of hook-laden hits and hardly a filler track, they're pretty much all just banging. And the diversity in styles is super impressive, they seem to cover the gamut - pop metal/dance, Chinese/Japanese themes, shredding power metal, more guttural death-type stuff, even a bit of dubstep, rap, and European-style folk metal. It's just so innovative. Listening to this track off the album rn which is particularly bangin:

Hunting Season is done...