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Lumines Remastered soundtrack on Vinyl. It sounds amazing!


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Nirvana and some foo fighters at the moment. Not sure why just got a feeling for some 90s grunge.

Yup, I'm still rockin' this song in the year 2019.

I Call Your Name by the amazing Johnny Clegg who just passed away last Tuesday.


I'm sleepy, time for a nappy!

(Eazy E, the illest rapper in history)

(Only 14 more years until Dre comes out with a response)

(Pssst! Teacher! Look at that writing... I think Machine Gun Kelly is cheating on the test!)

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

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This song is so wonderful

Graduation by Kanye West. Really great album. Sounds super unique and different.



Hunting Season is done...

Epic 80's:
New Order - True Faith


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Hunting Season is done...