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This playlist up and down for days.


I have to pray for forgiveness at my J-Pop shrine every day.

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Avatar dropped their new album the other day, "Avatar Country" and it's so bloody good! Favourite songs off it are "Legend of the King" and "King After King", but I really like the music video to "A Statue of the King"

... Yeah, every track has the word "king" in it, it's a concept album, lol :P 

My favorite song from my favorite album of 2017 (and one of my favorites of all time), from one of the best current pop singers/songwriters.


These two songs randomly popped up in my recommended today. Both great songs, although they're a bit melodramatic.

A friend and I got to talking about 90s rap a week ago, so Liquid Swords has been listened to completion about five times now. Duel of the Iron Mic always gets me fired up.

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Two songs that I'm in love with right now. Two of my current favourite albums of the year.


EDEN - Take Care

"And if I could forget you, you know I would leave
I can't help myself from feeling all this is wasted on me
And I love the rain (love!), but I can't live in a storm
I got more to go
Still learning to grow"

Speak Low If You Speak Love - Contrasting Colours

"Fall into place like contrasting colors
You were gold, I was green to discover
Swirling like oceans apart from each other
You and I may never be lovers"

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"Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day"

LuccaCardoso1 said:

My favorite song from my favorite album of 2017 (and one of my favorites of all time), from one of the best current pop singers/songwriters.

God I love this song! So personal and touching. It's a shame it's so short.

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I've been listening to some great 2017 albums these days, and I found out some albums I've never heard of which were pretty great! I'd recommend to listen to some of them. Some songs to know about these albums:

Oh, and, yeah, Lorde's album is also fantastic, but you already talked about it xD. I think we could already tell since Pure Heroine was released that Lorde was going to be a phenomenal songwriter. I'm happy that she's doing fine. When I think about more "pop" music, she, Grimes and Beyoncé always pop out in my mind when I think about it. I'd say that Lorde was a big influence in introducing a more minimalistic approach to pop music, which I enjoy. The first time I heard "Royals" I thought that was something special.

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Alvvays - Dreams Tonite



I've been listening to this album almost non-stop for the last few days. Its not usually my genre, but I'd still say its one of my favorites of 2017.

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