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Yungblud. He only has three singles so far, but they're all great. It's rock with some ska influences.

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G-Eazy - Sober


Marmazets - Major System Error


Senses Fail - Double Cross

"Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day"

X Japan's CD Blood Blue.

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Twice - HeartShaker!

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Do you like listining to the radio ?

Listening to a bit of Enter Shikari right now, got their entire library on shuffle and the last four songs have been off the latest album, lol... amazing album though so can't complain;

Enter Shikari - The Sights



Geto Boys - Still (Die Motherf""cker Die)

Hunting Season is done...

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...yeah, it's a song of mine. I kinda feel guilty for it, like it's too egocentric or something, but it's inevitable I listen to a song a lot when I finish it, and personally I'm very proud of this one. All of my friends praising it isn't helping either.