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New-ish songs

Walk the Moon- One foot
Neon trees- Sleeping with a friend
Empire of the sun- High and low

Classic rock

Golden earring- Twilight zone
Edgar winter- Free ride
AC/DC- Back in black/You shook me all night long
Van Halen- dreams/panama/jump
Quiet riot- Come on feel the noise

90’s pop

NSYNC- Bye Bye Bye
BSB- get another boyfriend/shape of my heart/bigger/straight through my heart.

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Such a good song!



Trivium dropped a new song, "Betrayer", on the radio while I was at work and those five minutes made my ten hour shift so much better... got home and it was already uploaded onto Spotify, so I've listened to it over a dozen times in the last few hours, lol;


Super hyped for the album to release on Friday! 

Just TRY to make a compelling argument for why the Pixies aren't the best band in the world!!



Still a bop.



It deserved a MV instead of just a dance practice.


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This song is just sooooo good! The lyrics are really good and seem a little too coincidental but.....

For the past month I simply can't stop listening to the new album by "The Rasmus". Back from their 5 year hiatus they created an album that's a masterpiece in my eyes. "Dark Matters" is a lot more poppier vocally than some of their past work but the instruments remain a bit on the edgier side. Unlike other bands like Linkin Park, Theory of a Deadman, and a few others who took a poppier route with their 2017 albums The Rasmus never changed their tone or theme which I believe is the key as to why it's being received so well by the fans. Many of the songs that didn't catch me at first such as "Silver Light" has begun to grow on me and I honestly can't really list a track I don't like. I just wished they would advertise that they were back a bit more because a lot of people have no clue they are back together. The viewer count of their new videos being between 700k-1.2 mil is quite a stretch from say 32 million.  

Here's their two amazing singles that really captures what the new album is about:

"Wonderman" is a powerful song about those who are different and misunderstood and embracing who themselves in this world that isn't exactly cut out for them.

"Paradise" is was their first single of the album and it really captures the darker tones of what the band is more known for. It's really catchy.

Over all the album is amazing and it gets better with more listens. It started as a 8/10 and rose up to a damn near 10/10 for me. The track "Crystalline" really hits its it for me. It's amazing how there are so many different ways to interpret this band and what their songs means to you is different for everyone. Such an amazing album and musical experience.

Hole 'Live Through This'. Literally in the background right now.

Radiohead - Present Tense

I actually didn't realize how good this song was till yesterday. I'm slowly starting to like AMSP more even though I thought it was just ok when it released.