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God, I love this song so much!!

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VGPolyglot said:

God, I love this song so much!!

Good choice. 

Why is this so much better than the Madonna single it's parodying?

Some days I just blow up.



I've been listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 soundtrack all day. :3

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8 bit cover of a favorite song of mine.

† Carpenter Brut † TURBO KILLER



Power Glove - Motorcycle Cop


Hunting Season is done...

Darashiva said:

Currently listening to old Iron Maiden

Maiden FTW!

I am "rediscovering" Meshuggah - this video kicks my mind's ass every time:


I know a lot of people hate Creed, but I just love this song so much!!


I didn't watch Get Out so I just discovered the song two days ago when two guys danced to it on a segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon been listening to over three dozen times since its my favorite song from 2016 now and its also better then anything that has been released so far this year.