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In Japan, obviously yes; in most of Europe? Pretty much; The UK, seems to be good for them. Aswell as the US.

It will be really hard for them to do aswell in Europe and the US as they did with the XB360. They did everything right, while Sony did everything wrong; they came out early... that really helped them a lot.
Now, they can and try to do better but above all, they need to improve their image above Sony's.

Image is something that is the most importante thing they need to take care of: garantee that what happened with XB won't happen ever again (Scorpio included);
Show that your console is about diversity and not just about a few genres or have presentations that we know will only catter to the US crowd (XB1 reveal);
Make deals with developers for exclusivity and show it from day one that your console will be the best place for 3rd party games.
Redesign your overall image (logo included).

I don't know about other countries, but i probably saw one TV ad here in Portugal since XB was first released.
Yeah, it's that bad!

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I don't think that there is anything that they can do, to save it outside of the US and UK.

Hope and pray for PS3 launch level mistakes from Sony this coming launch

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drkohler said:
sethnintendo said:

Make a FIFA bundle and have it price 100 dollars less than PS4 for Europe.

Lol. XBox S Fifa 17 bundle is $249 over here. The plain PS4 S is $325. Fifa 17 is $75.

In effect, your wish actually exists and is $150 less than PS4....

Well then I guess not much else they can do unless they want to give it away.

pray4mojo said:
I think they're on the path right now. The fact that their consoles are one upping Sony is probably the first step.

Which consoles are one upping Sony?

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MS should just continue maintaining 3rd party support and making 1st party games. Hold off the Scorpio and wait for next gen to release a brand new system.

Considering the OP and others, it seems that Latin America doesn't exist.

Nothing. Just double down on America. Change the slogan to "America's console" and get Donald Trump to endorse it.

They're doing fine. They are already implementing the friendliest multi platform plan in history. Play Anywhere is great for gamers invested in the Xbox ecosystem. Even if Xbox One performance isn't enough, they have Scorpio on the way or if gamers want even more, they can play their games on PC.

Xbox 360 BC gets better all the time, and they include features on the S model that you would have to spend another $100 for a PS4 Pro to match. Even then the S includes a UHD Bluray player you can't get on PlayStation. Not to mention mods work on Xbox and it doesn't work on PlayStation.

MS is doing everything right since the disastrous Mattrick launch of doom. I actually think that Xbox is already saved. It just won't ever have an impact in Japan.

Dead in Japan, a market not worth investing in.

They are addressing Europe with Scorpio. UK and US remain healthy markets.

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