Who here is/isn't a racist and why?

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Are you a racist?

Yes 76 22.22%
No, not at all 147 42.98%
No but I do have prejudices/biases 119 34.80%

Need 100% confirmation. I'm probably going to create a tracker. Doing this for a friend. 

A racist is a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another. Also having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.

You must be completely honest. I will know if you aren't using my telekinetic powers. 

Answer yes, and then why you think/believe so. Or answer no, you're aren't a racist also with a reason why. 

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i'm racist against humanity so f**k all of you.

I honestly doubt you will get people to openly admit their racism. I happen to believe that everyone is at least a little bit biased, it doesn't necessarily mean they're racist.

It would be interesting to find an openly racist person though.

Actually it isn't about being superior. It is about attaching a quality to someone because of their race.
Saying all are smart - is racist.

Also I would be surprised if anyone admitted to being racist.

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I have racial bias against dark skinned people which I try my best not to let affect what I do. It's very silly to believe that the color of your skin instantly makes you worse. The fact that people thought like that for so long (and still do) makes humanity look like kindergarteners.

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I'm slightly biased against certain races, but I'm perfectly fine with the rest of the races and I certainly wouldn't classify myself as a racist. I have had friends of just about every race, my own blood is multi-racial, and I know that you can't judge a whole race by certain members of that race.

I voted yes for the lulz

But I don't think I am a biological racist. But if we were to exchange biological race for culture, I would definitely be a cultural racist. There are superior and inferior cultures, at least from my subjective point of view.

Race is an oldfashioned and largely uninteresting concept, culture is what is important.

Everyone's a little bit racist...except for me.

I dont consider myself one.

Ive lived abroad, a place with few whites, went to public schools (where I was one of the few whites), have plenty of friends that arnt white. I do not consider myself to be surperior to any other race.

I don't really care what skin tone you have I mostly care about your culture and frankly there are some cultures I have a hard time with. I have everyday proof that skin tone has nothing to do with your behavior or capabilities. There are incredible talented and competent people of all skin tones as much as there are as many clumsy dumb low IQ people of all skin tone.