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The best is...

World of Goo 20 28.99%
LostWinds 1/2 2 2.90%
Cave Story 7 10.14%
Art of Balance 3 4.35%
Fluidity 3 4.35%
Megaman 9 14 20.29%
Final Fantasy My Life as a King 7 10.14%
Contra ReBirth 4 5.80%
Gradius ReBirth 1 1.45%
Other 8 11.59%

What do you think was the best game on Nintendo's 7th gen digital platform, Wiiware?

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World of Goo was always my favourite.

My Life as King was fun.

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My Life As A King, though it had its flaws

Mega Man 9 / 10
World of Goo
Lost Winds
Retro City Rampage
Art Style Rotozoa

were all good times.

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Bit.Trip Runner

Cave Story
Jett Rocket
Bit.Trip Runner
World of Goo
Pokemon Rumble

Super Mario 64



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Fluidity was great. Very unique puzzle platformer, and really felt like a solid, complete game.

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World of Goo wins for me, but I also think the LostWinds games deserve special mention for their wonderful use of the Wiimote's capabilities and charming presentation.