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My attempt at a meme. I'm pretty proud of Chidoge.

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My favourite is my custom improved first.

1st  best 

Then a few years back I decided to play with my nickname and start using tomato avatars:

Lots of tomatoes in the internet

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Jake sully

Nice find, Platina!

Found my first ever avatar. Ah, the years.


My favorite is probably my current avatar.

Link and Yuga for the win!

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I liked James Camerons Avatar, but I guess my favorite Avatar is Aang. Korra is pretty good though.

only ever used one so...this one



I always used Chiaki for my avatar with a few variations, so I'm not sure. I think this one is the best, but I'll maybe use other avatars soon.

Well, I've used only one avatar, so the choice is easy:

BasilZero said:

Wow, Noble's mum's a filthy whore. Damn, where you get a pic like dis? 

OT: This current one of mine is my fave.