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And there....he's gone....nothing to see here people

OT: The video was kind of a rehash of some things I'd seen before, but just the fact that they told me I could use the ninchuck and Wiimote to control the kart made watching it worth it to me. So happy they're being understanding about people who like different means of control.


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Wow, that was a fast banning....poor, incoherent lil fella...

OT: That video is pretty amazing. I have always been a fan of Mario Kart, but never bought any of the games for that series. I did, however, play my cousin's MK game for the N64 and that was a blast. Maybe I might this one....if I'm not too busy with college.

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only reason why i'll get a wii


mario kart might be the best series of them all
the standard has always been so high, and it's multiplayer is one the jewels of console gaming :)


The online is only for Miis?
OT.- The trailer is awesome.

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The game seems awesome! I'm glad to see it looks more like Mario Kart 64 than Double Dash. I was never too fond of Double Dash.

OMG I can't wait! Nintendo proves to us once more why it is the best gaming company in the world.

@ Manuelf
I really hope it isn't Miis only online. That would screw up the whole different character have different vehicles with different strengths and weaknesses part of the game.

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