Should Sony pull a PS5 release to compete with Scorpio?

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Yes. 60 17.80%
No. 236 70.03%
Not sure. 16 4.75%
Results. 25 7.42%

By the time the Scorpio comes out there will be well over 70 million(probably more) PS4 units out there, of which probably 5 million PS4 Pro units sold. Also given that the checkerboard up-rendering is supposedly patented by Sony and is built into the hardware and makes it quite easy for developers, the Scorpio might be harder to program and design for compared to the PS4P and might take more work. Digital Foundry were very impressed with the up-rendering of the PS4P and they are known to be quite tough on their viewings, so the different between the Scorpio and Pro might not be as huge as the Teraflop advantage may have us believe. The up-rendering technique doesn't seem to be too taxing on the GPU itself, where native 4K needs essentially 4 times the amount of pixels as 1080P.

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No, you need to think about long term business too. What would Sony possibly release in, say, 2018 that is more powerful than the Scorpio and yet still affordable? And if it's not more powerful than the Scorpio, then what's the point? It would be a really bad look for Sony if their next generation console was only about as powerful as the Xbox One. It would leave the door wide open for Microsoft to prep their next generation hardware for a few years down the line that would then make the PS5 look very, very out dated.

I don't think these new consoles are going to be as big of a deal as many are making them out to be. Even after they're released I have a feeling the base models (or the slim models now) are still going to outsell them. I seriously doubt the NEO and Scorpio are going to catch up to what the PS4 and Xbox One base models have sold any time soon.

That being said, I don't think NEO being infinitely inferior to Scorpio is going to harm the PS4 as much as some people are making it out like. They'll be the weaker console like they were in the PS2 generation and they'll be fine. Their exclusive titles are finally starting to hit their stride and it looks like the line up they have set for 2017 and 2018 is the best they've had on the PS4 so far. I don't believe that the PS4 being slightly more powerful is what made it sell. I think the excellent marketing and hype culture Sony cultivated around that console is what made it fly off the shelves. They've been going for all the right gut-punches at E3 with the PS4. Even if you're someone who doesn't follow gaming news the positive buzz is infectious in our always-connected, social media age. Savvy use of the Internet nerd culture and their transference of positive word of mouth generated through social media is what sold the PS4.

I'm thinking it will. 2018 sounds about right for the PS5 to come out.

Sony already has a userbase around 2X that of XB1. Microsoft really felt like the fact the PS4 was more powerful at launch was the main reason it has crushed them now for 3 years. This tells me they really think it as simple if they become more power they win. Console gamers are not like PC gamers where they feel they need have the best of the best all the time. Some are, but they also tend to own multiple consoles anyways.

Sony is releasing the Pro because in 2013 the tech was not ready to make 4K gaming affordable, we are now getting there. The Pro is simply a stop gap to allow people who wish to play in 4K a way to and allow them to wait longer before PS5.

Microsoft might be getting into a dangerous cycle for them. If they start annualizing hardware updates they lose their differentiation from PCs. Most of their games are already on PC, so people will start asking themselves why they have an Xbox if whatever they buy this year is obsolete next year. Of course if they start treating them like cellphones this could work, you pay 30 bucks a month for your network access and it includes the hardware which you can upgrade every 2 years, or you can get on the 45 bucks a month plan and upgrade annually.

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add me, the more the merrier.

Soundwave said:
Barkley said:
But yeah you just can't get into situations like this where you rush out a product to make a competing companies previous product underpowered.... because then guess what? Microsoft rush out their next-gen machine that makes the ps5 the weakling. It's a cycle, you can't always have the newest most powerful product out, otherwise your products will never get off the ground in the first place.

There's no sense in it.

It's the new normal, might as well get used to it. 5-6 year console cycles are dead. Even NX I think will have shorter upgrade points. There will be multiple NX models with differing hardware over the next 4-5 years and Sony/MS will release a new console every 3 years. 

Last I checked this cycle will still last 5-6 years.

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Three new consoles in 12 months? Do you WANT them to pull a Sega or something? lol. That's madness.

The only answer Sony needs for the Scorpio is a $50 cut to the Pro. MS made a mistake in launching their "mid-gen" (more like late-gen for them) upgrade too late. Not only will the NX be out in 2017, signaling the new gen, but we're also going to start getting rumblings of a PS5 anywhere from late 2017 to mid 2018. A system that will probably eclipse the Scorpio by 4+ Tflops, have a much better CPU, and more RAM (probably 12 GB.)

I'm shure all the PS4 Pro adopters would be thrilled about knowing that next year PS5 will be out /s

Why cut their most successful generation to date short?
Sony has a tight grip on the market no matter what microsft does at this point.
The worst thing they could do is push out an underdeveloped, panicked console under a year after they released the Pro. It would be like a Sega 32x/CD situation where people have their upgrade purchase invalidated by a new console immediately afterwards.
Pulling something like that, makes you seem unreliable to the consumer and that's never a good thing.

That would be a very bad idea from Sony. PS4 Pro is more than enough to compete with Xbox Scorpio.
Playstation 5 should launch 2020 imo.