Should Sony pull a PS5 release to compete with Scorpio?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Should Sony pull a PS5 release to compete with Scorpio?


Yes. 60 17.80%
No. 236 70.03%
Not sure. 16 4.75%
Results. 25 7.42%

In my view Scorpio is just a marketing tactic by Xbox (Which worked wonderfully) to confuse the market and slow down sales on PS. Should Sony wait until Scorpio is released and then drop a PS5 release when MS are all dialed in, effectively making the Scorpio redundant right out the door. Whatever they pull, the ball is truely in Sonys court right now, even though it might seem otherwise.


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I think PlayStation 5 will launch 2019, and no Sony should not react to other company's release plans. It's not about making another company "fail" it's about creating the most successful product you can.

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Yeah, in 2019 at the earliest though. Sony might not have the spec advantage in this case, but I don't think it will really matter in the long run. Sony has a very solid video game release schedule for the next couple of years, and many more announcements to come. Scorpio basically being an mid-range PC with no exclusive games, and very likely a much higher price tag than Pro will hurt the console's sales overall, I think.

That would just backfire on Sony more than even affecting the Scorpio so no. 

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Where is the need for that?
PS5 should be coming around 2019.
Unless the Scorpio steals the thunder so massively they need to rethink it, which is very, very unlikely to happen.

Scorpio shouldn't mean a thing to the PS5 plans, really.

Also there's no sense in ending the generation so prematurely, PlayStation are absolutely dominating, why start again with a new system so soon?

There's a LOT of money to be made from the PS4, they shouldn't cut it's legs too quickly.

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Man, this arms race is so pathetic.

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I think a move like that would be very very rash on Sony's side, and completely ruin what they've got going right now. It's important to note that the hardware specs isn't the only reason why a consumer will buy something, it's also from heresay, if others have ity and most importantly the games.


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You know how you compete with Scorpio? Release games. It is really that simple.

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