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starcraft said:
Its fairly reasonably priced in Australia. $550 AUD which is currently $420USD. By the time you include our taxes thats a pretty decent deal.

But I am just struggling to move past the lack of a 4K Blu-Ray player.

420 blaze it!!!  


You have to buy one after that xD

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yeah i'll be buying one aswell was planing to even before the event i just want the superior console HW to play the games that will be released this holiday season tomb raider and cod

dont care but rez and physical disk cant remember the last time i but any physical media that wasnt a game just the enhanced graphical assets is enough

i just hope i can get P.T. from my old ps4 on to the new ps4 and if i can get some kinda deal on a trade in or a decent money for my old ps4


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GribbleGrunger said:

God, this is the thing that's going to pee me off the most.

Could anyone who actually buys the pro keep quiet about how much better it is. Thanks in advance.

You might want to take a break from VGC when the Scorpio releases and I have my own thread here... 

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    i never realised how many people bought 4k blu rays and had 4k tv's, especially teens, i must be well behind the times

    the pro seems like a pretty good option for me as i am 90% digital these days in games & movies and i can understand sonys view, i expect them to sell plenty of PS4's in the future

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