Will Nintendo ever make another conventional home console??

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Will Nintendo ever make another conventional home console??

Yes 9 11.69%
No, that ship has long sailed 40 51.95%
Possibly, depending on ho... 28 36.36%

Seems to me that eventually they'd have no choice! I think they'll save that for the very last resort though. After they've tried absolutely everything else they can possibly come up with.

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Nope, not based on your definition. But I'll hold my opinions on if this is a good thing or not until NX is revealed.

My gut feeling says no.

GameCube or Wii U (which ever you want to consider a "conventional" console) is the last in their line.

No. They would rather bring their games to PS4...

Doubtful. Nintendo is all aboard the Blue Ocean boat now. We'll never see a high end Nintendo console again.

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I don't think so.
They have no 3A support like msoft and sony,they have no gritty exclusive titles like ms and sony have,and they don't have the internet capacity like the big 2 have.
They should stick to handhelds,they seem to be good at that.


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Well they defiantly not have another console like GC, that basically had anything different than competition.

Conventional basically means narrow. Nintendo has always wanted their consoles to appeal to as wide a demographic as possible. Take the NES for example. What is on the back of the Action Set? It's a picture of an entire family playing and underneath it says "Now the entire family can get in on the action". This notion that Nintendo abandoned something is nonsense. The industry simply narrowed around them and became dominated by one type of gamer.

Nintendo is doing what they've always done. Sometimes it works (NES,SNES and Wii) sometimes it doesn't (N64, Gamecube and Wii U) but they're going to stay the course.

These are just rumors but if Nintendo really are going in that route then I think it's because they can't compete with either Sony or Microsoft ...

Nintendo can't match the production values that the HD twin offers, can't match them in terms of software output or software support, can't match them on a technological front, can't meet up with customer expectations and hardly get anything right these days so I can imagine why Nintendo would quit on dedicated home consoles altogether when they have a very hard time figuring out why every subsequent consoles after the SNES failed aside from the WII ...

Let's face it, Nintendo is getting a serious beating just like they did in the days of the 6th gen but it's also their first time where they truly came out last unlike 6th gen where it was the Dreamcast that came out last ...

The odds are is the Nintendo is very much overwhelmed by their competitors who try everything in their power with tooth and nail's to win the game and it's just too sad that they can hardly do anything about it ...