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Do you watch any?

Yes 32 45.71%
No 38 54.29%

I like to catch the GDQs when they're on and fighting games like Smash and Street Fighter are also pretty interesting. Saw a bit of Persona 4 Arena too back in it's heyday.

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I mostly watch Smash (Melee and 4), if the tournament includes other fighters I'll check them out as well. I also adore speedrunning and charity events.

And I watch Pokemon singleplayer matches, but those arent neither professional or even considered "official" for the competitive Pokemon scene. Which is lame imo, because I think singles are much more entertaining than doubles.

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I follow the League of Legends Spring/Summer Splits and the World Tournaments but that's about it. I don't care much for streaming beyond that.

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As I watch myself playing while playing, yes, all the time.

I used to watch a tonne of Halo back in the day. Halo 2, 3 and yes... Even Reach before I stopped. I barely have time to play games nowadays, let alone watch other people do it!

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I watch fighting game streams and VODs all the time. Mostly Street Fighter V, but I dabble in watching Tekken, Smash Bros Melee/4 and Guilty Gear tournaments as well.

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If I do, it will probably just be Smash

Mainly watch Smash but I do catch some other fighting games from time to time

I only watch fighting games tournaments.


Oh sweet Jesus no.

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