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Anyways, 6 months is plenty. Nintendo's TV marketing is not going to be great anyway, they're just not good at that, DS had terrible TV marketing and messaging at first, the Wii is the only system they've probably launch since the SNES that had good launch commercials, the irony being it needed TV marketing probably the least of any of their systems. Wii U, 3DS, GameCube, DS all had poor TV marketing, even the Super NES was badly outmarketed by the Genesis and N64 by the Playstation. They've never really been great at that type of marketing.

They need better launch titles than NSMBU and Nintendo Land or at least ones that generate more buzz, and they need Android app functionality for kids because kids are not going to carry around their regular tablet AND an NX. NX needs to function as both for that crowd.

And they need Monster Hunter + Dragon Quest for Japan.

Those are the main things for this device.

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its enough time, if they actually market it and dont forget it exists,like wii u

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If they launch with duck hunt and paperboy they don't need to advertise because they'll launch with 1 preorder from this guy.

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it's the ideal amount of time actually. You have to give enough time that pre-orders can begin so you can better forcast 1st day sales while also making payments available for day one owners through those pre-order services. More than six months and the buzz will die down dramatically, not enough time will not give the consumer the financial flexibility/buying power they need.

Sure it is. We are not in 2001 were the only place to get your gaming news was from monthly magazines. News can spead within hours nowadays. Plenty can be done in 6 months.

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The NX is marketed all the time for free. It is the top of the rumor mill right now.

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FragilE^ said:
Just give it a name that is clearly distinct from the Wii so dumb consumers understands what it is.

Is Iww different enough ?

Jumpin said:

Wii wasn't unveiled until less than 6 months before launch.

Wii U was unveiled a lot earlier, and people got tired of it before it launched. The hype dried up a long time before launch.

If anything, Nintendo should probably hold off until January, and then just pump it up with new announcements every week until launch.

I'd love them to do something like that but sadly with the holiday season approaching they can't afford that, otherwise thousands of potential NX buyers will jump on the Slim consoles bangwagon...

alternine said:


Implying it won't be delayed to Fall 2017.

WagnerPaiva said:
Well, we real gamers are already hyped, at least interested.
The big public will buy it if the buzz is going around anyways.
So, if it is awesome, a couple of months should be enough.
If it sucks, no time will change it.
That said, I am not that confident in the march 2017 release date.
Between scorpio and neo I fear Nintendo may call the whole thing off and give it up...

You think like to cancel NX!? Lol :)

You don't really cancel platform on which you work and prepare few years (we talking about hundreds of millions of dollars invested) only 6 months before launch. I am pretty sure Nintendo was aware much earlier about PS4 Neo and Scorpio and what actually there competition planing, than we are ever were. Also Nintendo just few weeks ago again confirmed March 2017. like realase date for NX.

6 months is too much.

You guys need to follow other tech products and see for yourselves how long you have to wait before getting to buy the damn thing, it's never 6 months. Maybe that was the case in the past, but things have changed. Even one month is a stretch.

Personally, I am loving Nintenod's approach