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If you read of the Five Good Emperors this makes a lot of sense.

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Errr... does this dude know anything about zoology? There are other animals that can understand death. Certainly elephants and the greater apes. We can be fairly certain of dolphins too. And you absolutely can make an animal afraid of future consequences or in anticipation of future rewards. Even roaches have been shown to have decision making capabilities, which requires awareness of consequences. Baby ducklings have the capabilities for abstract thought. Pigs can play video games. We're not as special as we'd like to think.

Speaking of animals, if this dude made any money from that video, he should certainly be donating it to the estate of George Orwell. Great job changing sheeps to cows. Basically sounds like a dude who read Animal Farm in his freshman year, got baby's first video editing software, and made a video.

I'd like to respond to what he said, but it's a bit hard to respond to nothing, which was what this video was. A garbled up regurgitation of Orwell, Emerson, Thoreau and other much greater thinkers. There is some implication that there is something sinister going on through taxation, but no real argument made. All of the benefits are simply shrugged away and ignored. There's no suggestion of how we should be living or what being free means. This painting of government as inherently evil is indeed tin foil hat shit. You can certainly argue that there are drawbacks to certain societal systems, but this is not a conversation, or an attempt to encourage thought. It's a rant.

Worse yet, it's entirely unoriginal. Social contract theory isn't exactly something new. Yes, we make sacrifices to be members of society. There is a rational conversation to be had about whether these sacrifices are worth it, and where the boundaries should lie. Abolishing society isn't really a viable or desirable plan.

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lol reminds me of the ascended ancients in stargate. They managed to leave the curse of the enslaver called nature :p

Remember the time when the Goa'uld  thought they could take on earth as space Egyptians =P, good times. 

I think that's where History Channel gets its inspiration for all those series :p

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The United States is constantly at war, unless we're not counting that as a true democracy/ Also in the United States there are millions of starving people.

Democratic Peace Theory says that 2 democracies will never heavily engage on eachother. A democracy vs a non-democratic state is another story.
For the starvation thing, I know inequality in the USA is bigger than in Europe, but don't be fooled by false profets who will give out free wealth. If you give every citizen 1million $, money would be worthless en the poor will be worse off. But ofcourse starvation in a democracy is unacceptable and should be dealt with responsibly. In a society where 1/3th of the food is wasted, a solution can and must be found.