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I swear a thread like this made at least once a week on here....l0l.


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If you're on android just use a browser with an adblocker..... Firefox for android has an adblock plugin.

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I barely visit this site anymore because of this.

An adblock is basically an entry requirement for using this site. I showed it to my Dad and he says he hasn't seen anything like this since the dark ages of dial-up.

BasilZero said:
I swear a thread like this made at least once a week on here....l0l.

It should be daily, or hourly, until they sort this shittiness out.

I don't install adblock, because advertising is the way websites make money and give me free access, and I don't begrudge websites this revenue stream. But I won't be extorted into signing up as a paid supporter. 

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VGC forced me to use the second browser on mobile. But I found that now I can browse it on Chrome mobile browser without annoying overlay popups. Maybe thats because Chromes updates, not sure, but a year ago or so it was impossible to browse VGC on Chrome mobile, so I used then Dolphin and Adblock browser especially for one site.


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ktay95 said:
What ads?? I dont see any ads.

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The only site that gets me to disable my adlocker is a particular illicit anime streaming site that demands it. Even then, they have the decency to let you hide the ads on video pages and in particular ad spaces across the site. Here though is an absolute nightmare. Navigate to a page, get a full page ad you have to close just to see more ads on the top of the page, the sides of the page, attached to every image in posts and signatures, it's ridiculous.

This is legitimately the worst website I have ever used for ads. The worst. And I used to use flash game websites regularly that bordered every page with ads, yet somehow this site is worse. This site is one of many reasons I choose to use an ad blocker across the internet. Ads have gotten too terrible. On click ads, video ads, flash video ads, full page ads, redirect ads, simply too much in your face advertising.

Ad block plus is forever my friend. Fuck being bullied by ads into getting some bs supporter tag that practically acts as extortion, being some weird punishment for wanting to use the site without having to pick between completely shutting out ad revenue or not.


I would use this site a lot more if mobile worked properly but as it is I have given up.

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Interesting. Too many pop-up ads on mobile may affect your search hits