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Azzanation said:
Mystro-Sama said:
If this delivers i'm building a PC for it.

Its one of the driving forces for my new PC upgrade aswell. It definialty looks worth it.

Lets hope this game delievers.

I don't even have a gaming PC and I would be willing to make one for this.

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Get out of here! How is this possible? All this stuff seamless, I can't believe it all works. The landing pods and elevators are actually physical real functioning objects, and when the spaceship looked inside the spacestation and could see our character. Incredible.

How do they have resources to build all this? How can current hardware even run it?

The ambition of this game is unreal. It's at least ten years before its time.

I wonder how I should approach this game knowing there's different packages for spaceships to buy. I want to start playing it when it's feature complete and smooth, but I don't want to be left behind and start with a very weak ship that is still expensive.

Incredible game.

In 2025 when it releases i am going to have a beast PC to play this " thing " that is supposed to be a game. If i win the lottery i might even buy one of those 1000 dolars fancy space ships.


Awesome stuff,

We need more.

I always thought that this game will either be one of the best games ever made or one of the greatest swindles ever...after this video, I'm starting to lean much more toward former.

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Looks great, tho im skeptical abt it. If the developer can deliver half of what they've been saying, i will applaud them.

Each time i watch the video it just blows my mind with whats going on here. The amount of detail, the lighting, how everything just looks so good and yet we are still so far from release.
Can you imagine what this game is going to look like once it releases.
I also like the little wink he gives to No Mans Sky about having a billion planets and nothing to do on them. And how they just dont seem to have a rich history.
This is why i loved when he said how each Galaxy and planet in SC will have a rich history and lore to them, and in one galaxy the could be like 50 or more space stations along with moons and planets etc etc.

I also remember i think last year when everyone was saying how Star Citizen was just all hype and lies to get money from backers and how No Mans Sky was going to destroy it. Funny how it turned out that it was No Mans Sky that was full of hype and false promises to swindle money out of people, and how SC is coming together just how people envisioned it.
This game is going to be every Space Sims fan dream!,

Hopefully this delivers since No Man's Sky didn't.

shikamaru317 said:
Hopefully this delivers since No Man's Sky didn't.

I hope it does too dude.

zero129 said:
shikamaru317 said:
Hopefully this delivers since No Man's Sky didn't.

I hope it does too dude.

Funny you should mention that =P