Kinect was sillier than wii.

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no 16 17.78%
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COKTOE said:

Somebody else made a thread with this video a few months ago, so I've already been exposed to this terrible compilation. I wish this video had the segment of Jamie Kennedy "playing" Burnout Paradise with Kinnect on the night of it's unveiling. Oh sweet Jesus. It was soooo bad. He was obviously not controlling the game at all, and the ideas they presented as to how a player would accelerate, brake, ect, were insane. Watching it hardened me, and made me incapable of love. Thanks again MS!

we were so naive lmao

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Wii was never really dumb, it was used in dumb ways but it proved to be great in many occasions, Kinect however...

Kinect was terrific for it's voice commands. But that was where it ended for me.
Shame that the Xbox consoles don't feature a Microphone on the front to retain that functionality out of the box and without needing a headset, it really is terrific.

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YES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! what was MS thinking?.

Kinect seemed perfect for media comsuption via a TV, but a simple voice recognition software plus mike would be sufficient.

It's weird Nintendo didn't really use the microphone on the WiiU Gamepad.

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As much as I dislike some of Microsoft's decisions, the Kinect is one I respect. The technology had (and still has) potential for more than just gaming. More so than the wii. The technology for the Kinect is by far more robust.

However, their marketing and compatible games were piss poor. I'll even say it was comparable to the wii u's marketing.

I can't believe i watched the whole thing.... Terrible cheesy American shit xD

Well yeah.  The Kinect is what I like to call "World's Fair tech."  Very cool and interesting in a vacuum as a demonstration of technical achievement, but when taken out of that vacuum and put into the practical world it is actually limited in usefulness.  The Wii's success and advancement wasn't just in motion control tech, it was in solving a problem with motion controls:  navigation of a 3D space.  With the D-pad and analogue stick found in the wiimote-nunchuck combo, 3D space navigation was possible in a game, even if it had a lot of motion controls.  So even though the Kinect was more advanced technologically, by abandoning that advancement it become less advanced in a practical sense.  Metroid Prime 3 and Skyward Sword are not possible on the Kinect as a result.  

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Kinect made me so happy.

I love reading about video game history and I thought the industry had gotten beyond big flops like the Sega 32X and the Atari Jaguar.
And along came the Kinect and gave me the opportunity to watch a train wreck like that in real time. I loved every second of it.

Which reminds me, I need to start collecting for it before it gets rare and expensive.