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I will play if we have a game and will go with whatever the guys wan't to do. If it means we get more players playing bi-weekly then so be it.

Playing disgaea ds, great game folks.


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I'll play this Saturday.....most likely. No homework this week.


50-50 chance that I will be playing if there is a game.  so much schoolwork.

i might play this week.

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Heya. So i've been reading articles on this site for a while now, usually good information and SOME good forum threads (before they degenerate into flame wars anwyays), and I play Warhawk.  I'm not a great player, but its a fun game and I like the idea of a league.  I'll hopefully see you all online this weekend.  Happy gaming!


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EDIT:  Skip, your sig makes me laugh every time.

Alright, there will be a game. Hopefully the new guys show up along with many regulars.

Im so glad Im old and have no more school left to accomplish....I should be there.


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I'll have the server up in about 10 minutes. I hope enough people show up. :)

I'll be there but it may just be us dogs.