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They sure will kas, lets hope they're fast enough to help ground troops keep away from warhawks.


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Didn´t they say that you wouldn´t need the extra map packs to get al the trophies? Because some need the new map and jetpacks, which is extra stuff.

I think I read it somewhere, but I could be wrong.


I think they said there would be 6 seperate trophies for each map. You have to buy Omega Dawn to get the dropship & Vapourfield for the APC.


Hoe much they cost (the packs)? Do they sell them together with an discount?


Yeah they sell them together at a discount. Currently both maps cost £5 where I'm from.


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Ok. Thanks, dawve24.


I'll try be there on Sunday this week. Long Weekend for me :) Also I want to see a motorcycle with a cart with a mounted machine gun. Who's with me :P

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Yay I can't wait for all these updates.

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I just want a motorbike that doesn't show up on the map to warhawks.


dawve24 said:
I just want a motorbike that doesn't show up on the map to warhawks.

after hearing about these rocket packs i definitely believe motorcycles will be next in a mid-09 booster pack


All VGCharterz welcome!!!
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