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definitely missing this week...having a BBQ thats starting a 4....would be bad form to make my guests wait 2 hours for burgers....

If I pop in for a game, its because Im showing someone my PS3 and how it works online...thats the only plan for getting my ass into a game this week.


PSN: TheGodofWine (Warhawk / R2 / MotorStorm PR)


PSN: Skigazzi (for KZ2 and future games)

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I'll be there too.

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I'll probably be playing.  Not entirely sure if I'll be home at game time.

i'll hopefully be there also. probably my last official game for a while.


All VGCharterz welcome!!!
PSN: Al_Kickurass, Official Warhawk League Thread!!!-> http://vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?id=21937

I'm coaching football from 7:30 to about 4, so I might be late.


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Your last game this week. Good luck in the army mate.


Did you get that knife for playing in the competition.


This is the lowest amount of confirmations we have had in a while.


It'll be an open server than. No problem.

I'll be coming, I think. If I can get my errands done.

Good to hear Epsilon.

I'm going to hike up a ski resort mountain. I should be back in time for the usual start time. If not, it might just be retarded a little.