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The most annoying is...

Chromatic Aberration 32 15.69%
Depth of Field 15 7.35%
Motion Blur 57 27.94%
Bloom 41 20.10%
Lens Flare/Dirt 23 11.27%
Film Grain 19 9.31%
Other 17 8.33%

Is there a particular graphical technique you find particularly irritating, at least when used poorly?

Some common offenders:


Chromatic Aberration


Depth of Field


Motion Blur




Lens flare/dirt


Film Grain

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I love how you picked the ugliest possible example of each effect.

I'm gonna go with bloom. It's a massive resource hog and 90% of the time hideous to boot. Though The Witcher 3 did use it quite tastefully.

Trunkin said:
I love how you picked the ugliest possible example of each effect.

Oh trust me, there's worse. :P

can't stand when games have motion blur without the option to remove it, at least tekken often allows you to get rid of it, but the default of having it on just makes the game look messy imo though.

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Motion blur, followed by bloom.

Motion blur "wins" because it is a consistent effect while bloom is a more situational thing. But I can't say that I am a fan of lens flare/dirt/blood either. The last one is a poor way of displaying health; not only do you not know how much health you have left, but it also comes with limited vision.

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I actually like the Lens flare lol

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Where's the option for none?

I love all the image effects!

Oh man, those effects are annoying as hell, especially Syndicate reboot, bloomy!

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I forgot what its called but I hate that cinematic mode where they put bars at the top and bottom of the screen to make it seem like a movie. It is the stupidest effect I have seen in my life... Instead of being able to see more of the game, here, see less! Like da faq


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I think each of these can add to the presentation when employed shrewdly, but many games that add them get carried away with them. Chromatic aberration, however, usually seems to hurt more than it helps and I could do without it.

On a positive note, I really like how motion blur adds to the sense of speed in each of these games: