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Are the olympics going to become a disaster?

Yes! 79 49.07%
No! 75 46.58%
It won't be, because it'll be canceled! 7 4.35%

With just one day to go, its clear that things aren't going to be well. But will it be an all out disaster? Yes, it will be, especially with how unprepared the city was. Just take a look at this: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/rio-olympics-sewage-1.3704804

Does that look like water you want to compete in? Well you'll have to suck it up or not participate at all (personally, I would do the latter). But it isn't just that - zika is spreading like an uncontrolled inferno; the city is as poor as ever with poverty at every corner, and while the venues are complete, apparently they won't be able to even properly fund security! Its clear the olympics should have never be awarded to Brazil, and that the only reason its still happening is because there is no more time to cancel it. Personally, I feel wary to even bother watching, but we'll just wait and see how this plays out. Hoping for the best, but I'm expecting the worst.

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I've had to sail through water like that before and it sucks. I would definitely not compete in it. Yeah, it looks like the Olympics could be a gong show this year.

Nah, I will be fine, they will still be stars and people will just feel for them more for having to boil their own water and use one ply toilet paper instead of two ply.

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Meh, first world problems. Sucks for the athletes that have to compete in the water, but like 99% of the events don't take place there.

Still, Rio should not have been awarded the Olympic games that money put into the Olympics clearly could've been used to better people's lives in other areas. 

That is some nasty water... unbelievable they care so little for the enviroment they live in.

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The olympics themselves should never be given to any country that has more important issues to be tackled.



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A disaster? Let´s see...

As a Brazilian, and following the news and social media, I could tell you that it is already a disaster, from the organization / management perspective.
There so many problems that I would need many forum pages to detail. But some key problems right now are:
- Transportation - the Olympic Park and Village are located very far from the other regions of the city, the bus service is messy and the traffic is really heavy.
- Water - still polluted and unsafe in natural venues.
- Security - athletes had personal belongings stolen inside the Olympic Village, while other already had issues in other parts of the city. The chinese basketball team was caught in a cross-fire while going from the airport to the village.
- Incomplete constructions / infrastructure - several issues still unsolved in the Olympic Village and in some competition venues.

As from the competition perspective, I think the Olympics may deliver as always.
This is what people will actually see when they turn their TVs on:
- athletes displaying great performances and, hopefully, great sportsmanship, some of them getting surprise wins against favourites,
- the enthusiastic Brazilian fans enjoying the Games and making a hell of a party everywhere, with their humorous and laid-back behavior, even if they don´t understand most of the sports contested.
- tourists having fun and enjoying the beautiful sights of the city, its fun tours and breathtaking natural landscapes.

(I hope that local fans at least try to be polite.....bad ' 07 PanAm Games memories..... some people were rude in the USA x NZ soccer match yesterday but fortunately they were a minority)

On Saturday I´ll be attending women´s soccer, but not in Rio. I ´ve already seen many volunteers complaining about the lack of a work schedule and insufficient people, but soon I will find out by myself.

eh, I'm sure it will be fine. They had the World Cup and that wasn't a disaster (except on the pitch ).

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hershel_layton said:

The olympics themselves should never be given to any country that has more important issues to be tackled.

Only problem with that is that I can't even think of a single country that doesn't have more important issues

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Despite all the mess that's happening over at Rio, the Olympics themselves won't be a disaster as long as every event goes as planned and if there's security to guarantee the well being of the athletes.