So Nintendo should go 3rd Party, right? What about everyone else?

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Pretty much whats in the title.

I see a lot of people claim Nintendo should go 3rd party etc etc.

Well its like this.

You put your console Fayvism or however you spell it a side, and Admit Nintendo has a place in gaming and their Exclusives are Reason for this.


You Admit all companys should go 3rd party as none of them has a place in gaming to hold their exclusives to "One" platform..

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Ideally I'd love if all companies went 3rd party but tbh I've always seen Nintendo as the ones to sell a console and games rather than just the console like the other players. Can't say I've issues buying a 3DS at least twice (if you count the N3DS model that is) to keep playing their games as well as others.


Easy. All companies should go 3rd party. That's not even a debate.

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vivster said:
Easy. All companies should go 3rd party. That's not even a debate.

Yep. One console, all games please

Angelus said:
vivster said:
Easy. All companies should go 3rd party. That's not even a debate.

Yep. One console, all games please

My dream xD. As long as the one console can be made by many diffrent companys for competition sake.

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Looks like the people that's posting Nintendo Doom porn is too scared to post in this thread??.

It's not Nintendo's first party output that makes me want them to port to different platforms (mainly PC), it's their third party output (or lack thereof) that makes me want them to put their games on PC.

People always say that they like the PC and wii u combo, but I would rather Nintendo just port their games to PC for 3 reasons:

-I don't miss out on big third party games

-I don't want to pay $300 for a weak console. Regardless of what everyone says, the wii u is really outdated. Unlike the ps4 and Xbox one, the social and network features of the wii u are really lackluster. Even the special remote (tablet) has been modded to work on PC so there is no reason to think that the wii u is a special piece of hardware that can't be replicated by a good PC.

-I want better Nintendo games. Better framerate, better AI, better graphics, better social features, and better account management. All of this signifcantly and quickly improves on better hardware. Compared to every other hardware manufacturer, Nintendo ignores this and for this reason, their games have suffered performance issues. Games like project cars get cancelled, games like starfox zero suffer during production and release to poor reception, and games like Zelda breath of the wild have their worlds looking empty when they could be more vibrant and full of life

I think that is a question Nintendo needs to look at more so than anyone else.

I loved Nintendo during the NES, SNES and N64 days and from the Gamecube, my love started to fade.

Their systems became more gimmicky, they lost third party support, they started relying on remasters, re-releases more so than any other company, the WiiU was massively overpriced compared to the features it offered (or lack of) in return, and it lacked 1st party support let alone third party.

It seems Nintendo's strategy is more about catching lightning in a bottle than delivering a quality console experience consistently. They have a good war chest in Pokemon that earns them good money and hashelped them keep afloat, as well as a dedicated fanbase that will support them through thick and thin.

Unlike Sony or even MS, Nintendo has Disney level mascots in Mario, Zelda, DK, Pokemon, Kirby etc. They have a choice to make a hugely profitable business leveraging on those IPs and cut losses or gambles on hardware or do as they are doing now.

I'm not sure what the NX will be, but it will probably cost similar to current gen consoles, it will most likely be underpowered compared to current gen consoles, and if not certainly pale next to Neo and Scorpio. It probably won't support other media and lack entertainment features, and will probably overcharge for HDD space like it did with the WiiU.

If Nintendo doesn't do well with this console / handheld, which is essentially putting all their eggs in one basket in an all in one system, it won't be about the fan boys / girls on either side, but Nintendo themselves seriously having to think about their future.

That being said, if this console can be purchased like a DIY kit, where as a console it's $250, the HH kit is $150, I think it will sell well as it will combine sales of 2 SKUs with two different audiences.

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Nope, it's not as absolute as that.

I would have no problem with Nintendo having their own consoles for their own exclusives if their consoles were better. I mean, I have no problem buying a Microsoft console for their exclusives (even though they have so few compared to Nintendo) because I like their consoles. They have the features I want and they have the 3rd party games I want, thus I'm happy to buy both a PS4 & Xbox One. Nintendo on the other hand... to me their console is just woefully inferior as long as it doesn't have a proper account/achievement system and enough games (including 3rd party) to justify it. But right now the number of games just aren't anywhere near enough and the features I want it just doesn't have.

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I like Ninty the best when they are doing crazy things, that includes crazy hardware. But if any one company is just going to have hardware that is very similar to a PC, might as well make their games available on PC. They can still have their platform and services available there just like Blizzard (didn't wanted to be obvious :3).

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