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Which Model?

3ds 33 21.15%
3ds XL 35 22.44%
2ds 8 5.13%
New 3ds 15 9.62%
New 3ds XL 58 37.18%
Vita Master race 7 4.49%
hershel_layton said:
BasilZero said:

Breath taking.


And it's protected by the case. 

One thing I like a lot more for the 3DS Xl is that it wasn't glossy. Fingerprints are too big of an issue for the N3DS XL- I bought a hard shell case right after getting it.


 How about a skin hersel?

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Red 3DS XL. It's absolutely ugly and came with a tiny screen scratch, but it was a gift so I can't complain. 

Blue launch (ambassador) 3DS and a grey 3D XL.

Blue 3DS XL with MK7 preinstalled (already erased)

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Got the regular 3DS, Fire Emblem Awakening edition Still use it.

Heck, when I 1st joined VGC I made a thread about special themed consoles, showing mine off.



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"New" 3DS XL

I have a flame red 3DS, a red N3DS XL (which is the one I´m using now) and a 20th Pokemon Anniversary N3DS but with the cover plates of Jibanyan :P

I have the original turquoise version but I use my Monster Hunter 4 New 3DS XL now

The launch model, aqua-blue. I also have the black Ocarina of Time model sealed.

Have 2 3DS XLs one is softmodded to remove the region lock and homebrew the other is legit for access to the eshop... the softmod also has access to the eshop but works in another way so I just wanted one legit though for my actually purchased games.

Still though, it's lovely having things like the SNES and GBA titles which didn't come to the eshop like THPS2/3 and Super Street Fighter/Street Fighter Alpha 3 injected into the 3DS's GBA emulator oh and a translated rom of Rhythm Tengoku injected into the GBA emulator too, runs 100%.

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