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Which Model?

3ds 33 21.15%
3ds XL 35 22.44%
2ds 8 5.13%
New 3ds 15 9.62%
New 3ds XL 58 37.18%
Vita Master race 7 4.49%

Just wanted to know what model is most common amongst VGC users. I use my white New 3ds most of the time but I also own the gold Link Between Worlds 3ds XL, however, I don't use it very much.

You can list all the models you own but select the one you use most in the poll.

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I own a launch 3ds( ambassador😉) and new 3ds XL.

Red 3DS XL here

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I used to have a normal edition 3DS XL, then I traded it in.

After that, I bought a Animal crossing limited Edition 3DS XL, then I sold it on ebay at a price higher than when i bought it.

After that, I bougth a Monster hunter limited editon new 3DS XL.... then I traded it in few weeks ago.

Because I figure i will buy a next generation handheld next year.

I have a standard original 3DS, though I haven't used it in a long time, and probably never will again. Circle Pad is broken, L and R buttons don't function properly, and a few other problems. I hadn't treated it very well since I first got it.

I might buy a New 3DS XL if Nintendo doesn't come out with a new handheld soon enough.

bet: lost

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I got a New 3DS just recently. Not because it was needed, but just because I'm in full Nintendo Fanboy mode lately. =P

My old 3DS XL collects dust since then. Sure, the screens are bigger, but I was really surprised that the 3D on the new models is actually usable! It was so bad on my old 3DS XL that I always turned it off. On the new 3DS, I really enjoy the 3D without the need to freeze in that certain sweet spot. Oh yeah, I also had to choose between New 3DS and New 3DS XL obviously. I decided to get the smaller one for numerous reasons. I figured the smaller screens would result in a sharper image as the bigger one uses the same exact resolution. That aside, the fancy buttons in SNES colours made the deal for me. And the New 3DS was available here in a bundle with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

I play a lot 3DS lately btw.

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I got the blue Luigi's Mansion 3DS bundle, even though I still haven't had time to beat Luigi's Mansion

The red 3DS XL:

But it is mostly sitting in its cradle nowadays.

A black 3DS XL.

New 3DS