What is your favoruite RPG franchise?

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What is your favourite RPG franchise?

Mass Effect 9 5.03%
Fallout 7 3.91%
The Witcher 6 3.35%
Final Fantasy 65 36.31%
Kingdom Hearts 12 6.70%
Pokemon (not sure if you ... 16 8.94%
The Elder Scrolls 11 6.15%
Diablo 1 0.56%
Dark Souls 10 5.59%
Other (post below). 42 23.46%

If we had gotten some ACTUAL sequels to Mario RPG, THAT may have been my favorite RPG series. That first game was simple and short, but it was also perfection.

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zeldazero said:
Dragon Quest..hands down being the only turn based RPG left...

 There are a lot of other turn-based RPGs left: Pokemon, Etrian Odyssey, Bravely Default.

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Fire Emblem.


Well, this is new.